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Prices & Packaging

Go to Shop. All prices are in Australian dollars (PayPal will show you the converted cost in other currencies) and are for a single bell charm. The cost has been kept as low as possible, only enough to cover production and packing costs and a design royalty to Oliver Smith. Unfortunately, as the bells are cast in small production runs and are hand-finished, they do cost more than many mass-produced charms. We did experiment with having charms cast in China, and it was cheaper, but the results were not as good.


All in Australian Dollars (excluding GST for Australian orders)
Ranna                                   39.95
Mosrael                                 40.95
Kibeth                                   41.95
Dyrim                                   42.95
Belgaer                                 43.95
Saraneth                               44.95
Astarael                                45.95


Goods and Services Tax (GST) We are required to charge GST for Australian customers. It is not applied to international orders. The prices above are before GST.



Each bell comes in a small black shoe-string closed bag of a velveteen material. The bag goes in a round tin, has a paper disc put on top, then a concertina brochure that describes all seven bells goes on top of that, and the brochure is also stamped and signed by Garth Nix with the details of the casting (e.g. “First Casting 2010” etc) and it is closed with a transparent lid. The tin has a label around the edge, and a label on the bottom, indicating which bell is inside.



Because there is a 8-10 week lead time to have the bells cast and hand finished, there will only be a very limited stock available at any time. Each individual casting will be identified on the concertina brochure that comes with each bell, i.e it will say “First Casting”, “Second Casting” and so on. If a bell is out of stock, when you click "add to cart" you will get a message that it is unavailable.


Complete Charm Bracelets

We’re not selling complete charm bracelets at the moment, but may do so in future. Each individual bell charm comes with a jump ring to make it easy to attach it to a charm bracelet.


Postage & Packing

Postage and Packing is set at a flat rate:

$15 for orders under $99.99

$25 from $100 to $199.99

$35 from $200 to $299.99

$45 from $300 and up


Unfortunately PayPal does not allow non-US vendors to set separate mail options for domestic and international customers, so what this means is that in Australia orders will be sent by Express Post (which can be tracked) but for international orders under $200 the charms will be sent by standard Air Mail. Over $200 they will be sent international registered post. Nix Entertainment Pty Ltd assumes no responsibility for orders that go astray in the mail, though we will of course investigate wherever possible and will provide proof of postage if requested.


Purchasers please be aware that deliveries may be subject to customs, excise or delivery taxes depending on your location and these are the responsibility of the purchaser. Nix Entertainment Pty Ltd assumes no responsibility for any customs, excise or similar duties or taxes charged on delivery.



Payment is by PayPal only, via this website. Personal customers only. No commercial orders please. We reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason (and obviously will return any payments).


Who is selling the bell charms?

The bell charms are sold by Nix Entertainment Pty Ltd, which is a company owned by Garth Nix.


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