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The Bell Charms

Designed by Oliver Smith (from a briefing by Garth Nix). Each bell has a Charter mark on it, but these are not the ‘names’ of the bell, just a representative mark to indicate that it is a magical bell. The bells are investment cast (or lost-wax cast) by Palloys in sterling silver (0.95 silver) and then finished using tumblers and hand assembled. The three finishes are “Bright” which is bright polished; “Ancient” which is achieved by creating a grey patina using liver of sulphur and then tumbling them lightly; and “Black Handle” for the evil necromantic types, which is also achieved using liver of sulphur to create a heavy patina on the handle section of the casting. The bells do not ring, as sterling silver can’t hold a note. But they do have moving clappers and make a very soft and gentle clatter


See size comparisons with coins above.

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